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    Brief Analysis of the Advantages of Rubber Shock Absorber

    In many transportation facilities and aircraft operation process, it is inevitable to encounter a lot of friction. In order to improve the comfort and ride experience of internal passengers, we definitely need to add shock absorbers to these mobile machines. Rubber shock absorber has been successfully selected as a good equipment. So what are the advantages of rubber shock absorbers? Let's take a look at the reasons for this.

    1. Rubber itself is a kind of material with large elastic deformation, soft texture and structure. Therefore, rubber shock absorber has good multi-directional force absorption capacity and good anti-vibration and anti-impact effect.

    2. Rubber itself has large internal friction coefficient and small resonance area, so its performance is more stable, and it can have a good attenuation effect on high frequency vibration and shock.

    3. In addition, at present, the price of synthetic rubber material is very low. It can reduce the economic cost and replace easily when used in rubber shock absorbers. Therefore, it can be used as a shock absorber for a variety of mobile transportation facilities and has a wide range of applications

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