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    The darling of modern science and technology -- shock absorber
    More and more attention has been paid to the development of vibration absorber, and it is playing an important role. From the perspective of high technology, high technology content of the shock absorber, can use the continuous development of science and technology, so many projects in perfect conditions, the more equipment prolong service life and ensure the safety of the use in a more stable environment. The development of an industry is booming. It depends on the number of enterprises in this industry in recent years. There is no doubt that the shock absorber industry is the new darling of modern science and technology.
    After performing the search and repair, the shock absorber shall perform the mission performance on the specially implemented platform. The resistance of the stretching stroke and the compression stroke shall be specified, when the resistance frequency is 100 and #177; 1mm. Strain the base of the shock absorber. Remove the shock absorber and erect it. Pull rod and the damping pressure several times, connected to the upper clamping ring. At this point there should be constant resistance, pull up resistance should be greater than the downward pressure resistance, such as resistance instability or no resistance, can damage the internal shock absorber oil or valve parts, should replace or repair parts. Should see whether the shock absorber oil leakage or old traces of oil leakage. Identify any problems or failures after the shock absorber. Oil seal washer and seal washer broken and damaged. New seals should be replaced. If the same as usual, can not eliminate the oil leak, the storage cylinder cover nut loose. It may be damaged by oil seal and gasket. Pull out the shock absorber, if feel a hairpin or different time, then search the gap between piston and cylinder is too large, the shock absorber piston rod is bent, the piston rod and the cylinder surface is scratched or stretch marks. There is no oil leakage in the shock absorber. It should be further decomposition of shock absorber, it should check whether there is damage, such as Bush, split or shed in sealing off.
    If the above check is normal. Search the clearance between piston and cylinder is too big, the cylinder is pulled, the valve seal is good, and the valve seat valve joint is tight, and stretching the spring and shock absorber is too soft or broken, to check the shock absorber connecting pin, a connecting rod, a connecting hole, rubber, grinding or taking change the way of repair. In addition, this is mainly due to shock absorber and plate spring, frame or shaft collision, shock absorber in the actual monopoly will appear in the sound of abuse. Rubber crushing or liaoluo and shock absorber cylinder deformation caused by dust, oil and other issues should identify the reasons for repairs.
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