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    What is the function of a rubber shock absorber?
    In the rapid development of the industry today, all walks of life are also starting to use the rubber damper more and more, what about the benefits of a rubber damper? Next to introduce the development of the shock absorber, in fact, is quite a long history, and it is because of the development in industry and society, which makes the shock absorber to get widely used, also has a pivotal position.
    As far as the development of the shock absorber is concerned, rubber shock absorber is the best absorber among these absorbers. Because of its own rubber material for it brings a lot of advantages, can be used in various types of industrial machinery, railway locomotive, so the rubber damper effect is compared to the shock absorber other larger role.
    In today's industry, the shock absorber has also become a technology product. The rubber damper, it is due to the rubber material, and has high elasticity and viscoelasticity, elastic deformation and other advantages, has been widely used in various engineering.
    Because of this, the development of the shock absorber industry will have a very good future, and rubber shock absorber will become more of its own advantages, so that the public can accept it more.
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