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    Damping oil, you know?
    When we are driving through rugged roads, a shock absorber can effectively reduce our jolts, and if the shock absorber price does not work effectively, this will greatly reduce the ride stability of the car. The shock absorber is mainly used to suppress the spring shock after the earthquake rebound and the impact from the road. Although the shock absorbing spring can filter the vibration of the road, the spring itself will reciprocate when the road is rough, and the shock absorber is used to suppress the spring jump.
    Then, in order to maintain the shock absorber well, we should pay more attention to the shock absorber oil.
    1. in storage and use, containers and fuel tools must be clean, tight, to prevent mixing water impurities, so as not to precipitate additives and oil emulsion deterioration.
    2. in use, if the shock absorber does not leak, every 40 thousand ~5 million km regular maintenance, dismantling shock absorber, and at the same time according to the provisions of the replacement of shock absorber oil.
    3., the lack of shock absorber oil, you can use HV15 number of low-temperature hydraulic oil substitute. Therefore, in the preservation of shock absorption oil, it should be airtight storage, do not place in direct sunlight, so as not to cause shock absorption of oil deterioration. When it is found that the shock absorber oil is inadequate, use the HV15 cryogenic hydraulic fluid instead of the shock absorber oil.
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